8 Things You Must Check Before Submitting Your Resume

So you finally finished putting your resume together and you even revised your resume, updated dates and skills. Although you may feel like you are done and ready to hit that 'submit' button to your dream job, there are a few key things you must double-check.

1. Spelling
This is so important, its the number one thing to check on your resume before clicking ‘submit’ is your grammar and spelling. Although Microsoft Word checks spelling, you need to read and re-read your resume. After you are done, make sure to send your resume to someone you trust will give you feedback and have them read through with a ‘fine tooth comb’.

2. Correct Tense (Past vs. Present)
As a general rule, if an action or accomplishment on your resume is in the past, use the past tense. However, if you are speaking about a current role and current accomplishments, use the present tense. Be sure to use the correct tense: manage vs. managed, deliver vs. delivered, execute vs. executed.

3. Font & Size Consistency
Stick to the basics — Helvetica, Times New Roman, Lato. Resist the urge to “stand out from the crowd” by employing multiple fonts and various sizes. Two fonts and two sizes, max.

4. Remove Unnecessarily Lofty Language
A resume is not the place to get verbose or to use highfalutin language. Get it?! If you don’t normally use certain language, do not pick up the thesaurus to try to include the most “smart-sounding” words you can find. 

5. Delivery Format — PDF, please!
Don’t lose that perfect format by sending a resume as a Microsoft Word doc. Use a PDF and ensure clear delivery. 

6. Use Numbers & Facts Where Applicable
Some recruiters prefer to see actual numbers.

Ex: "Create weekly email campaigns that are distributed to over 9,000 subscribers with an average open rate of 15%"

Provide enough context to show the impact and do not rely on generalities to get your point across.

7. File Naming Convention
Refrain from labeling your resume “Resume.pdf” or “JackResume.pdf” be specific. Include your full name, month, and year. For example, “AmyReedJackson-May2017.pdf.” 

8. Fact check
The final read-through of your resume should be an honesty check. You can still land and interview by being honest!