What Your Resume Should Look Like in 2018

Let’s be honest, writing a resume might not be the most fun thing to do, but writing a killer resume can make you a top candidate and increase your chances of landing your dream job.


1.)  Design Matters

A good resume design is eye-catching with a simple, modern and clean look. The aesthetics can help set you apart from every other resume out there.

Tip: keep in mind how much you use italics, bold and all caps and be sure to use them sparingly.

“If content is king, then aesthetic value is queen,” says Debra Wheatman, President of the New York-based Careers Done Write. “I would stay away from Times New Roman. That’s the sweatpants of font.”

2. Key Content Up Top

The top one-third of your resume is the valuable real estate, so make it count.

Instead of a mailing address, a good resume tip is to add your LinkedIn address next to your name and contact info.

Objective statements on your resume are a thing of the past. Use a summary statement instead, which is basically just an elevator pitch for why you’re the best person for the job.

3. Tailor Your Resume

Large companies don’t have time to review all the resumes they receive for every position so they use bots. Bots scan resumes to find keywords applicable to the job you’re applying for.

A key to passing the bot test is to tailor your resume to include some of the keywords or skills from the job posting for which you are applying for.

4. Find Balance

Give the eye a variety in a resume with a mix of paragraphs and bullet points throughout the resume body.

5. Include Your Success

Avoid the temptation of adding “responsibilities”. Employers want to see why you are successful and how you can mirror that at their company. Be specific and provide relevant statistics as much as you can.

6. Be Selective

In order to catch a recruiter’s attending make sure your resume isn’t too crowded. Don’t cram too much text into one sheet of paper, be sure to pick and choose the most relevant information.