Resume Do's + Don'ts

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A perfect resume is not something that can be crafted overnight. We’ve tried, believe us! However, that doesn't mean that you should give up and or that perfection shouldn't be your upmost goal. 

Therefore, here are some of our most useful do’s and don’ts to resume writing.

DO: Emphasize results produced and significant achievements.

Example: "Expanded social media following by 35%" 

DON’T: Exaggerate your experience. Honesty is vital!

DO: Begin sentences with action verbs 

Example: "Developed social media campaign" 

DON’T: Use meaningless phrases like “seek challenging job.”

DO: Quantify when possible and use examples 

Example: "Trained staff of six"

DON’T: Use abbreviations or flashy graphics.

DO: Consider putting headings in 12 point font, all CAPS

DON’T: Use colors and different style fonts unless appropriate for the position

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Note: This information was from the University of San Francisco Career Center