Style Guide: Dress to Impress

It's time to start preparing what you are going to wear for the Career Fair. No matter what job or career field you're looking into, the clothing standards are always about the same; professional, simple, and clean. 

Business casual is the encouraged look for the Career Fair and interviews in general. It's important to know that a key part in dressing for a business casual event is projecting a professional and business-like image of yourself. 

Here are some appropriate examples of business casual attire: 

  • Polo shirts
  • Collared shirts or button-down shirts
  • Khaki's, slacks, or dress pants
  • Dress shoes or casual leather shoes
  • Moderate length dress or skirt for women
  • Pantsuits for both men and women

Some things to steer away from would be tight clothing or anything that shows too much skin. Make sure you go easy on the cologne and perfume, and make sure you look professional and classy instead of tacky and showy. It's better to play it on the safe side!

Now get ready to dress to impress, Seawolves!