Need to Chill Out Before Career Fair?

Feeling stressed out about the Career fair? Well, it’s normal, but confidence is KEY; we want Career Fair to be a #NoStressZone! So let’s wrangle in those nerves and feel cool, calm, and professional ;) at the fair.

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Do Some Homework:

Research companies you are interested in and familiarize yourself with the basic information about them. Be prepared to both ask and answer questions. Why do you want a position with this specific company? What skills or experiences have you had that would benefit you as their employee?



Prepare A Professional Outfit:

When you feel comfortable and polished you exude that confidence. Take some time to pull out the best get-up for the occasion. Look good, feel good, do good!



Never Underestimate The Power Pose:  

Humor yourself for 30 seconds-put both hands on your hips, extend your chest out, and hold your chin high. Power poses can inspire a sense of confidence in an individual and can possibly aid in success during a meeting, interview, game, etc.


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Make A List:  

  • Resumes printed, check.
  • A fly outfit, check.
  • Elevator pitch, check.

Staying organized and on tasks will keep you sane before and throughout the fair.



Do What You Do Best:

Utilize your favorite way to relax. Whether that’s music, a mediation, or even hitting arms at the gym. You know yourself best and are able to both physically and mentally prepare.

You got this! Be excited and know you are well prepared!


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