Researching Employers

Did you know...?

If you come to the Career Fair having done research on a company beforehand, you are more likely to get an interview with them? Thus, doing so will demonstrate to them your dedication and passion. Plus, you'll impress them with your knowledge!

Here are some top tips on how to research an employer before the fair. 

1. Visit Their Website

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Browse around and familiarize yourself with the basic information of the business and or company. While you don’t have to be an expert, knowing what the company does or specializes in will only enhance your questions and conversation.

There “About Us” page would be an excellent place to start finding this information. 

2. Scan Their Social Media

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Checking out their social media will give you a great sense of how a company wants to be viewed and a little more about their personality. Make sure to like or follow the company on their social media too! This will give you lots of information on their company, and keep you constantly update, giving you information you may not have had before!

3. Tap Your Connections

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If you know someone who works for that company, reach out to them! They can provide you with more information about the company, what the recruiter may be looking for, and can even put in a good word. Also dropping their name to the recruiter will make you more memorable, because they can connect you with someone they already know.

Now go forth with confidence, take those stalking skills you’ve learned through the years (don’t be ashamed, we all have them) and put them to use so you can get an awesome job! And don’t forget to bring those skills to the Career Fair on March 8th, from 11am-3pm in the Ballroom :) 


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