Online Presence

Did you know employers social media stalk too?


While social media is all the rage these days, being professional and respectable will be all the rage when you want to enter your future career. Your media presence is one of the best reflections of you so why not make it the best representation! Social media has great potential and is a favorite outlet for many but your accounts shouldn’t hold you back.

Here's some tips on how to make sure your profiles are helping not hurting! 

1. Strong Profiles

Think of your social media as your digital you! Just as much as you want to be taken seriously  in person, you should want the same when it comes to your media platforms. Make sure you look as professional on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram as you do in an interview.

2. Networking

The internet is amazing in the sense that it can connect you with someone half across the
country with a click of a button. LinkedIn should be everyone’s best friend! If you don’t have
one, get one and spend some time making sure your profile will impress any employer!

3. Illegal or Suggestive Activity

Be mindful that hostile, illegal or unethical content anywhere, any time is never a good
idea. And if you're posting this kind of content on personal sites, just know that it can be linked to you quicker than you may realize. Party pics, no matter how fun they are, can be just for the mems, meaning it should stay off your media! Because surprise! There is very little chance they will enhance your employability. Would you post those pictures on your work desk for your supervisor to easily see as they walk by? Or how about showing them to your grandmother? If that’s a no, keep them offline.

4. Past Co-workers or Jobs

Ever heard the phrase, “if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all?” Well, that
advice is still golden and should be a mindset when tweeting/posting/ updating. Try and keep
your posts positive and light in nature. You never know who might see them and judge your
employability based on that one post. If things didn’t end well at your last job let’s leave the
rants off of your media accounts. It’s never a good idea to bash another colleague or boss, your
next employer won’t react well to your negative words!