What is Personal Brand?

What is personal branding? 

Hiring managers and recruiters receive a large number of job applications for each position so it's essential for a job seeker to stand out from the crowd in order to be considered for the position. This is where personal branding comes in: By having a clear message of who you are, what experience you have and what direction you're going in, you're conveying your identity to the hiring manager instead of being a faceless part of the crowd.

How do you create your own personal brand?

  • Resume: Your resume needs to be compelling enough to make the hiring manager or recruiter want to call you in for an interview, so highlight your skills, education and some hints of personality. 
  • Cover letter: This is a better place to let your personality shine. Be unique and explain how you'd be in the role or why you'd be a better choice over another person.
  • Business cards: If you've chosen a specific font, color or layout in your materials to convey your brand, keep it consistent on your business card and include your contact information.
  • Portfolio/personal website: Being professional is an obvious note, but learn how to be an individual and let your individuality come through by showcasing your past projects and experience in a way that highlights your talent, personality and voice.
  • Online and social media profiles: Depending on your use, social media sites can be a great tool for networking and in job searches. If you choose to use social media in your job search, be sure to keep your visible materials clean and consistent with your personal branding.

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