Digital YOU

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Yes, it's true! Some (and to be honest most) employers will look you up on social media. Therefore, it's super vital that your social media represents you well. 

Here are our do's and don'ts on crafting your digital persona. 

Do: Show Your Personality

Show off your passions, hobbies, and favorites. Employers actually want to see who you are, so show them!

Do: Use It To Your Advantage

Look on social media to see who is hiring! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled on your favorite companies that you would potentially like to work for and to see where your friends and family friends are working as well. Social media can give you a lot of insight to the profession world – utilize these platforms for research and connections!

Do: Go Private

When in doubt, choose the safer route. Putting your social media on private is always the safer bet if you’re not totally sure, especially because you never know what the employer may see or what kind of impression they will get. Be careful about what you post AND what you are tagged in by your friends.

Do: Promote Yourself!

There’s a fine line between bragging and promoting yourself. Share your accomplishments, articles you have written, challenges you have overcome, etc. Put out the things that you are most proud of (without going overboard). 

Don't: Be Inappropriate

It’s sweet and simple — if you wouldn’t show it to your parents/grandparents, then do not post it for the world to see. This also applies to your captions!

Don't: Bad Mouth

Bad mouthing or talking trash on a person or a company is a huge red flag to employers—not to mention it’s unprofessional to put on your social media. It will always leave the employer thinking that if they hired you, you may even do that to their company.

Don't: Share Too Much Information

Make sure you know where to draw the line between your online life and your personal life. Issues regarding relationships, personal problems, and other TMI details are best to keep private and not to share to the world.