How to Prepare Yourself for Success

Congrats! Your resume, cover letter and awesome LinkedIn profile has scored you an interview. But now what? We understand that interviews can be intimidating, but the best way to conquer them is by preparing yourself in advance. Here are some preparation tips to help you go into your interview with confidence and show them why you’d be a great fit!

1. Research, Research, Research! 

This is the most crucial way to help you answer any and all questions your interviewer may throw at you. Your interviewer wants to see that you uphold their company values and have an invested interest in what they do. Meaning, if you know nothing about what their company stands for and does, the likelihood of you impressing them is very minimal. 

Additionally, as much as it’s vital to research the specific company, it’s also good to do your research on the industry. That way you’ll understand any question they ask, even if they use jargon or lingo. 

2. Practice Makes Perfect! Well, Kind Of

Imagine this! Your interviewer asks you a question and your brain goes into freeze mood. In your head you know you must come up with an answer fast, but you’ve never given much thought to the question at hand. Therefore, you just kind of mumble something and hope they don’t notice that it was totally made up. 

Yes, it may be true that this may happen to you regardless of how much you prepared, yet, practicing can certainty help you learn how to think faster on your toes and handle the situation more properly. Sometimes you won’t have a perfect example and answer to every question but answering with confidence is key. 

And hey! Practicing questions may refresh your memory on certain experiences, which can help you answer questions thrown at your way. 

3. Decide On An Outfit

In all honesty picking out an outfit the day of the interview should be the last of your worries. So, make sure you pick out an outfit in advance, so you can spend some time the day of preparing yourself in other ways. 

Don’t have anything to wear? Please stop the Career Center Closet and we can help you out!

4. Collect All You'll Need to Bring

Running around the day of trying to print copies of your resume, organize your portfolio and gather up all your references and notes is going to be a hassle. So, take it from us, organize as much as you can before the day of. It will save you a lot of time and stress! 

5. Once Again, Research is Key!

Seriously, if you get another out of this blog this should be it! The amount of time you spend researching can make or break your interview. 

6. Breathe

Take a deep breath. Your interviewer is human too and has gone through the same expereince. It can be easy to feel intimated by them, but we promise that they are merely there to see what you can bring to the table. So, bring it! 

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