Dress to Impress

Employers evaluate how you present yourself during an interview just as much as they evaluate your answers. Hence, dressing to impress is a must. Here's some tips on what to wear and what not to wear to an interview. 


1. Match the hues of your top and bottom and make sure your clothing is clean and wrinkle free. 

yes women.jpg

2. Suits should fit well, meaning not too big but not too small either. Make sure the colors you are wearing look good on your skin tone and the outfit is appropriate for the environment you are in. 

men outfit.jpg

3. Showing your sense of style and brining in some color, while remaining professional, is a great way to show employers your personality! 



1. A sweater and jeans are too casual for a work environment. 

no sweater.jpg


2. Sneakers and flannels are not business attire. The same goes with t-shirts as well. 


3. Clothing should be appropriate and not what you'd wear on a night out on the town with some friends. 


no 3.jpg