Summer Time? More Like Internship Time!

Summer is a prime time to take a dip in the pool of opportunity! Internships and summer jobs
are excellent ways to propel career experience and overall success. While, they may not always paid opportunities you can gain million dollar connections and experience(something money can’t always buy). Therefore, even if the warm weather screams relaxation your summer months are the perfect time to advance yourself as a professional. 

internship meme.jpg

Here are some tips for making the most out of summer opportunities: 

1. Network, Network, Network! 

egin building relationships early and adding mentors on Linkedin! You never know when you will need a strong recommendations.

2. Take on challenging projects! 

 After all, some of the best experiences occur outside of your comfort zone.

3. Ask questions.

You don’t have to fear being young or new! Take advantage of the fact that they’re trying to teach you.

4. Start building a portfolio or journal! 

rite about your experiences and keep track off your projects or tasks you have completed.

5. Get to know the office/company. 

Ask to sit in on meetings or phone calls. Even try and set up a meeting with your supervisor and chat about their experiences and gain insight for your personal career path.

6. Use your voice!

Be creative in what tasks you are given. Know your input may not be used but is always welcomed. 

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