It's Grad School Time!

If you’re planning on applying to graduate school after you leave SSU, it’s important to be prepared for that transition. Grad school is significantly different than your undergraduate experience. Let us help you prepare for grad school with these tips!


1. Develop a System of Time Management

Your workload in graduate school will be putting you in a different mindset than your undergraduate workload. Take your first few weeks to develop a system of time management that works for you and makes you as successful as possible.

2. Set Goals

Developing clear goals for yourself, both short term and long term, will increase your success in graduate school and give you motivation for the future. One way to visualize your goals is through creating a vision board. Though it sounds corny, creating something you look at that is visually pleasing can give you that extra push to finish that huge assignment.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of the Impending Adjustment Period

This goes for the adjustment from high school to college as well. No one is amazing at this adjustment and don’t be nervous with all of the changes that are coming into your life. Remain positive with the impending changes, and your positive attitude will radiate into the work you do.

4. Reach out to Advisors for Support

Similar to in your undergraduate experience, your advisors are there to support you in your academic endeavors. They have systematic knowledge that will help you on your journey!