Why Everyone Should go to the Career Fair & Not Just Seniors...

Myth: “Career Fairs are just for seniors.”



Truth: Participating in a Career Fair as a freshman, sophomore, and junior is a great way to learn about companies you may want to work for in the near future. There are also employers with internships as well as full- and part-time opportunities looking specifically for SSU students to fill these positions. Plus, it is always good to attend prior to needing a position because it allows you to see what it’s like and gives you an opportunity to start building connections with employers.

Myth: “I Can Just Show Up Without Preparation”


Truth: While some students may feel confident expressing their skills or interacting with employers, we strongly encourage anyone seeking opportunities to prepare by attending one or more of the workshops that Career Services hosts. We have workshops leading up to Career Fair including resume, LinkedIn, attire and how to prepare for Career Fair. We also have drop-in hours to get your resume critiqued and polished just in time for the Fair.

Myth: "The Companies Attending aren’t Looking for my Major."


Truth: Employers are often looking for students with specific skills, not specific majors. Some companies will list a few majors that might be a great fit for the position, but that list isn’t always all-encompassing. Don’t sweat it if your major isn’t listed verbatim in the job description. 

Myth: "Giving out my Resume is too Pushy."


Truth: It’s not pushy at all. Employers want to meet you; it’s why they’ve taken time out of their day to attend the fair. Some of them will even keep resumes on hand for future opportunities. Providing your resume up front can help guide your conversation with an employer and give them the chance to ask any questions they may have about your experience.

Myth: There’s no need to follow up after the career fair. 


Truth: A thank-you letter and a follow-up e-mail or phone call will differentiate you from other candidates.