Career Fair Etiquette

The best way to combat those pre-career fair nerves is to simply prepare yourself by knowing how to act once you're there. Here are some helpful tips that can help you during the whole process. 

employers 2.jpg

Dress to Impress.

How you look is how you feel. Allow yourself enough time to get ready in the morning without having to rush. Make the morning before the Career Fair as stress free as possible! Plan an outfit the night before and make sure that this outfit is conservative and makes you look like the professional that you are.

Arrive Early.

Give yourself enough time when there aren’t crowds to scope out and see where the companies you are interested are, and to make a plan for what company you will speak to first. Map out where and how you will loop around to each company so you don’t end up looking lost and losing time by wandering around the venue.

Bring Written Notes + Questions.

These notes will help guide your conversations with employers, and hopefully ease your nerves. Additionally, it will show employers that you did your research, and looking prepared is always a good look ;)

Have Your Resumes Ready to Hand Out.

We suggest brining at least 20 hard printed copies of you resume to hand out to all the employers you talk to at the fair. Hint: If you need resume help, you can always bring it to us prior to review.

Introduce Yourself.

State your name, major and what kind of job you are looking for with optimism and authenticity. Employers appreciate individuals who know what they are interested in.

Confidently Engage with Employers.

Respect is huge when interacting with employers at the Career Fair. Make sure to maintain eye contact with them and smiling is always a plus!

Now It’s Time to Ask Those Questions!

Asking questions is extremely important not only for yourself, but it also shows the employers that you are interested and have done your research. Remember the questions you wrote out before the event? Now is your time to shine with these. Show them you did your research and ask them specific questions about the company. Make sure you make it clear that you are interested in THAT job for THAT company specifically.

Network, Network, Network.

This is what you are here for! Before you walk away from a booth, make sure to get the recruiter’s information, ask about the next steps, and thank them for their time. Add the contacts to your phone right away so you don’t forget to later!

Leave When Appropriate.

Don’t get us wrong, having meaningful conversations with employers is important. However, you don’t want to over stay your welcome. There are other students who want to talk to the same employers, so know when it is your time to move on to the next employer. Hogging their time, may leave a sour taste in their mouths. 

We wish you the best of luck!